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Welcome to Space and Grace. I love to help people find a state of grace within their bodies and their surroundings.

My tools are bodywork, flowers and colour.

“Grace provides us with strength, protection and courage in times of need. It has the potential to heal illness and bestow blessings”
– Caroline Myss

I am currently on maternity leave until January 2014



I practice both Amatsu and Reiki to help people’s bodies restore balance and health

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Colour can have a profound effect on wellbeing

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Flowers are a natural and beautiful way to transform your space

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Amatsu and Reiki

We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.
– Dolly Parton

Amatsu is the ancient Japanese healing form of the martial art Bujinkan and is a corrective treatment that aligns and reblances the body’s structures. The aim of each session is to treat the underlying cause of the problem and restore the body’s ability to move naturally without restrictions or pain.

Reiki focuses on directing life-force energy to flow through the body which can help the body restore balance and heal itself. Amatsu creates the structural space for this energy to flow, meaning these two therapies work very well together.

Both treatments are suitable for all ages and clients remain fully clothed.
I work in the Japanese tradition, from a tatami mat on the floor.


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Contact Me

Michelle Mckenna
Myddelton Passage
London, EC1

Phone: +44 (0)787-603-3751

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I was born in Dublin, Ireland and they say I was born with feathers. I love to travel and have spread my wings to live in Brussels, Amsterdam, and Portland, Oregon. London is now my home where I live with my husband and three sons. Entering motherhood marked the crossover from working in the world of branding and advertising to dedicating myself to bodywork and interior projects.

Flower power

Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.
– John Harrigan

My work with flowers began when I was introduced to the very talented floral designer Hannah McIntosh who became my inspiration and my teacher. When I arrange flowers, time seems to slow down: I am able to escape the normal demands of modern life and enter a state of grace and tranquility.

I now provide flowers for photography shoots and small events. Whenever possible, I use locally-grown and seasonal flowers. Please contact me if you'd like to know more.

Colour your world

“Colour influences the soul. Colour is the keyboard, the eyes the hammers, the soul the piano with many strings.”
– Kandinsky

I have always been curious about colour and its effect on our well-being. From a young age I was drawn to colours and was able to capture colours and hold them in my mind – naturally developing a good colour memory. Recently, I have found a way to put this sensitivity: using colour to create nurturing spaces.

Colour creates a big impact on the spaces we inhabit, influencing the mood of a room and its inhabitants. I offer a colour consultation service where I can help pull together a meaningful colour palette for your home or business. I can help source paints, soft furnishings and the right type of lighting to bring your space to life.

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services with image